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JWFokker - ah! That explain it well, yep, I understand him now well And no, I not used any sealing, except O-ring on the top, on my testing version. It looks like that nohing at all is need. The NPT thread is self-locking suxxka and not even one damn drop make it trough. Im happy with the result. I planed either teflon tape, or - when it get worse - glue.
Of course, any customer can unscrew these fittings and apply whatever his heart desire - but it's not need at all.
And yup, I going to make more of these to get my money back ...since making the first testing version cost a little "bit" too much
I did not have any 3/4" ID fittings, and since they are far from any standard I hear about, I recommend you buy 10 of them for about less that 5$ (1/2" cost 3.75$, IIRC) in McMaster-Carr and just replace the original ones with these...
I just got ten 3/8" ones for these few ppls out there, that want them. Majority using 1/2" pipes, because of flow and temperatures

JSimmons - now when I got what you are asking about - the answer is no. It will be very problematic to machine both parts (you can't scratch the plexi at all) with threads. Futhermore, in that case, we need notably thicker ends on the res - to made the thread long enought for good sealing.
And since in exactly THIS thread my Tank-O-Crap leaked me for months, despite adding teflon tape, having a O-ring there and tightening it every day more and more, till it cracked badly - the answer is not just no, its a BIG and devinitive NEVER
I never want experience THIS again

psychofunk - nah, earth is actually a pretty small place, after all Considering actual leader of US I wish I live much more far, far away... Okay, stop the political BS And actually, you will follow the Tank-O-Crap design in the best part - where it work. Just frop the faulty part, where it can crack - combining aluminium and plexi glass. At least, hell, they should (like me), used Acrylon, witch is cast and more soft - it's more likely to bend in stress, that crack. Of course it will crack when the stress/bend is extreme
So, show yourself your masterpiece anyway!
I meanwhile saw this:
Not bad, except there is no gain from such extreme height of the res And this one IS way too big - and too slim too... But still, a nice alternative
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