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And now a little update. I trying to manage trully working solution, so it means that I have to test the res before shiping it
I first tried the testing my long water culumn, however the resulting pressure is small, and in the end, into the res stay some dirt from the dry water So I come up with this:

At first, I did not used the clamps, because the used DangerDen tubing is IMPOSSIBLE to insert by hand on the barbs, so I tought it's not necessary to use clamps. At first, I want to test the pressure w/o res, of course. So I started pumping and pressure go up. At about 1.8 atm the hose with manometer just fly out of the brass
I still do not realized what Im up to.
So, I added clamps and pressure can go up and up... but WTF?! My pump hardly can manage anything over 4 atm! I was seriously disapointed.
But then I realized that average pressure in car tires are 2.1- 2.2atm, and I get a bit shocked about it...
It's the same pressure, as in normal radiators in room, for example.
No res on Earth could must manage this - this is a bit overkill :

So i sink the res in basin, and try the pressure as much, as it can go. Sadly, at about 0.75 to 1.25atm the top cap start leaking boubles, so ïn most cases, the leak test of the res body is limited to a little over 2atm.
The top cap is not intended to be as hermetic, and considering the mentioned usage, it can work as pressure safe release :lol:
After all, I did not know about single WC loop where pressure can reach such values
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