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Tomatos them selves are acidic , you can use catsup to clean a dirty copper pan , they used to do it at my middleschool to teach pH.

The vinegar helps though I'm sure.. I've been setting up a tank for my turtle "Frag" I've learned alot out algae and the like and think I have found a solution to keeping it at bay in w/c setups , If you have a big enough res to where you can add a bubbler into the res , you can ozonate and oxygynate <--sp the water , this keeps algae at bay, as the algae can't breathe oxygyn <--sp again..

This is the number one way to keep it bayed in my tank , and I don't see why it wouldn't work for tubes and res'.. --Bikr

p.s. this is just an idea if you think it sucks , think it out first , and then let me know your ideas opinions , if you're worried about getting air in the lines , dont' worry , just posistion the bubble wand above the intake.. --Bikr
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