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Default And no this is not the answer

I will admit I know nothing about this other than what I have read here.

The worst you can do is yell at me but maybe I'll learn some more stuff NOT to try in my system.

After opening up my machine to reorganize things, found big white blob in my res - (damn don't have a yuk smiley) . So came here and read this and found you guys don't have any miracles either. Found a general reference of things that destoy bacteria, thought I would pass it along and see if it shakes anything loose other than grumbles.killing stuff...

I haven't heard anyone mention the enzyme cleaners for drain buildup, would that be strong enough? Or something along that line?

I am new enough to this that I haven't had to deal w/ gunk in the rad yet. (hmm opens another window an googles rad cleaner - seems to all be high alkalie, how does that affect our stuff (plastics, and metals(yeah I know it sounds stupid but learned long time ago to ask stupid b4 assuming and doing stupid)).

Thanks for whatever comes from this - Let the haranguing begin.
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