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I'm going to be conducting an experiment not on my w/c system but on my turtle tank , I know it's a far cry but algae growth in there is insane!! I am getting a broken Tap water sanitizer from my father , If this works out well I'll be able to get these cheap and if anyone is interested , i'll relay them to you at whatever they cost me , but anyway.. The unit uses water pressure from your line and fills up with water , I am going to be making a custom input and output on it and running it in a seperate loop from my filter.. It has a res that fills up with water and creates a turbine motion of water , the water in the turbine goes completely around the UV tube from bottom to top , I'm eliminating the filter at the top as I have a filter to do this for me and In a W/C setup , it'd be completely unneccisary , I don't suggest using LEDs , as they put out very minimal actual UV rays , --Josh
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