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Default Re: So why the hell not?

Originally Posted by HammerSandwich
Time to try out the silent-PC hobby. That's a never-ending spiral of increasingly critical expectations.

And - I mean this quite seriously - you're using a 3.5" HD without a Smart Drive-type enclosure, you have a long way to go.
Silence in the ear of the beholder. I just got my ears tested for the bi-yearly mandatory testing at the place I work and my hearing is very good. Yet the ambient noise in my apartment is louder then my computer. In my opinion if the noise from the computer is not bothering me then it is quiet enough. Any expense past that point is, well, pointless. On top of that the main use my computer makes much more noise from the speakers than the hardware could ever put out.

Also as for hard drives isn't solid state drives the way of the future? Should rule out noise as with lower powered CPU's and soon to be GPU's built right into the CPU. With lower power requirements you can get smaller PSU's and eventually be back to fully passive systems with no moving parts. This day is not that far away. No future in the silent hobby even if I was interested.
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