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Default Re: New to water cooling need help

i currently have the gigabyte board the processor 2gb ddr3 and a graphics card (not sure what type) that is about 512mb this is allready running but i would like to update my graphics card

the reason i am asking this is because at the moment i have these parts in a low airflow case that cant really be improved on and my computer keeps shutting down because the north bridge is over heating what i am planing on doing is buying the corsair 800d and if that provides enough cooling then i will not bother with water cooling if i still need more cooling then when i get a job i will save up my money and start getting the parts but that was not the idea of the post the main idea was to ask if this was a good system i just want opinions no water cooling parts have been bought yet so i want to know if this would work should it be needed.

P.S computing gear isn't the only thing i spend my money on and i am still in school but am i am all the top classes so the work is easy for me i always put my schooling first and exams are a few months away.
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