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Default Re: Crystalfontz 635 Review

Originally Posted by crystalfontz
How accurate of a measurement do you need?

I have never seen one of the Dallas probes read outside of its specs. We enforce the CRC on the DOW bus and over the serial link, so there are no undetected errors there.

I am not saying that there are not more accurate sensors--I'm sure there are--but I am curious what kind of an accuracy target you are after.
I am not a good one to ask that question as my needs are far more picky than most that will use your product.

This unit from ColeParmer is what I replaced the CF633 probes with and consider it the minimum spec wise for my needs as far as temp measurements go.

I also needed significantly faster response time. The CF633 was a little slow when temps change.

I got 8 probes with my CF633 and all but one was within .5C. The other was off around 5C and did not scale the same as the others. The other 7 would raise 5C and this one would raise like 2C. I can only assume it was damaged.

I found 3 probes to read almost identical and those are the one's I used. I wish I kept my logs I would post a graph of them when I calibrated them.

All in all though I really like the CF633 and it will go into the water cooled PC I am working on.
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