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Default Re: Snap Server 4000 disk error.

If you give it enough time normally the front panel lights will tell you. Look in the log file it should give you a reference to what has failed. I would look prior to the reboot. Also do you have the colored ribbon cables or the play ones? This is critical as to reporting correctly. If colored your MB revision should be >v2. If not it will not report the error correctly. The colored ribbons have a wire cut in them.

The 5% area repersents a failed HD. But you do not want to start unplug things till you know which one has failed. Other wise you may loose the whole array. If you do not have the colored ribbons check your backup units and need be power down and change them. Don't worry about the check in process. If you do not have the colored ribbions it will not report the drive corectly and you may loose everything because it will show 2 HD have failed.
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