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Default Re: Snap Server 4000 disk error.

Not got any records of the earliest logs because I did reboot a few times on Friday causing the log to fill. I did run a check disk again though without it trying to fix errors (I saw it at 75% but might have got further). Then lost network activity so had to power off via the button on the front. Here's two new entries generated from the log because of that:

Call Stack :
System 23-2-2009 10:28:42
F PANIC : General Protection Fault (#13) at $00247285
EAX=00020000 EBX=00000000 ECX=4620746E EDX=00000000
ESP=003F4D80 EBP=003F4D94 ESI=07368724 EDI=00020000 System 23-2-2009 10:28:42

Also, nothing indicated on the front panel in relation to any disks failing.

Ribbons cables are grey with a red border on each side.
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