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Default Best #Rotor block design corner

I hope this thread will turn into something worthwile. I've been brewing on this for some time. the rotor method has been around for as long as I can remember, as a sort of open source variant of WB design. It can be done with the most affordable means. It is my opinion that this design can be made as performant as any expensive (CNC) milled WB. We are limited by the diameters of our drill holes and our dremels only ;-)

The purpose of creating this thread is to create a 'corner' where we can post WB blueprints and eventual results. This way we can hopefully learn from eachothers mistakes and from them maybe even refine an 'uber'rotor block.

I have learned alot from #rotor , i hope i can return something this way and maybe some ideas will pop up that are usefull for everyone using this method.
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