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arcturius; it doesn't sound logical. but i'm restating what I have learned from BillA.

puzzdre's mark2 and my rev2 correct some errors we both made in our first design.

1) you are not after the block with the smalles pressure drop. if your block restricts flow less than another, it doesn't automatically mean you have a better performing block.

2) the best is to have a lot of flow resistance(= high flow velocity = low flowrate) at the inlet, so the block is very turbulant at the die area. it will restrict the flowrate some more, but at the same time it will extract much more heat. (watch how puzzdre's water temp is relatively high, and his die temperature is barely higher than the water = means his block is extracting heat like a champ). hence the 3/8" at intake.

3) what we can achieve as home block makers is to make a block SPECIFICALLY made for pelt cooling or die area cooling. this should be our weapon to make our relatively amateuristicly crafted blocks , better performing than commercially available blocks that have to have best of both worlds. the 2 designs above can be considered die area, since they aim all convection at the die(chip) area.

i like additional questions, but lets try our best to keep this thread slightly on topic so future readers don't give up because of the sidejumps.

designs and comments?
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