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"It is my opinion that this design can be made as performant as any expensive (CNC) milled WB"

think about it this way.... the fact that a CNC is being used to manufacture a block, does in no way mean that block will outperform others not made by CNC. As more tests will be conducted on these designs, it will become evident that the secret to performance lies within the Design itself, not the manufacturing method.

though True that I'm highly envious of those with CNC...

but in no way is CNC required for the best performance available.

now onto some designs...

Some tips....

think molecular.......
if you where a water-molecule, try and make life as hard as possible for yourself to get through the grid, while staying as far away from the surface of the block, also refrain from going with long and winding roads.... have the water into and out-of the block as quick as possible.

don't think volume, think velocity. (as mentioned)
There is no Spoon....

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