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Originally Posted by satanicoo
This is YOUR thread Brian, feel free to post whatever you like, or whatever you NEED to say, after all, saying it all out laud helps some times.
No one here has to read this, so you are NOT disturbing anyone, you can trust that

I am just saying this because i have been following this treath with interest and sorrow, you have posted almoust a month ago, and now im curious, is everithing running good for you and Heather? How's her recovery?

Best regards, happy posting.
Things aren't much different, satanicoo. Heathre is fairly stable but is "sick" a lot. She gets nausea I think from too much (for her) mental activity.

We are still attempting to get stuff setup to where we will be stable and the kids taken care of when my Sister-In-Law leaves for good this September.

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