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Actually, i deliberately goaded Jaydee in one of my first posts, just to break the ice, so to speak His custom title says it all.

I came here a complete newbie, but I've learnt from it;

If it wasnt for Bigben2k then i probably wouldnt have learnt nearly as much as i have, as he answered my newbie questions, to an extent, but not the point that i didnt have to search. The amount of hours ive spent reading here (im sure the IP logs will attest to that) is pretty insane, and yes, its hobby. However, im learning more from the process in terms of physical and mental skills than my computer will benefit from the better cooling it recieves.

The difference is, i was willing to read and to learn about my misconceptions, and rectify them.

When BB2k said something, and I didnt understand it entirely, i went out of my way to find out what he meant without directly asking, as I wanted a bit of respect here as well; Ive seen many forum newbies just ask questions and expect to be spoonfed. Theres nothing more frustrating that telling someone the answer to something, only for them to come back and ask for clarification; All i ask for is a pointer of where to start. IIRC Groth helped me greatly too.

Different forums, different attitudes. Some people can stomach it, others can't. I'm sure if you search for my posts at OC'ers you'll find some pretty harsh stuff too, and i havent been in this game long.

The main problem is the stubborness of people when they have an idea in their head that is wrong, and are unwilling to think that it might be wrong.
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