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Geee, m8, I really dont want to take advantage on your good will.
Those Y pieces are not available here, so I hope I didn't ask for too much, just thinking that I'll need two for inserting temp probes and one or two for splitting the flow and merging the pumps.

For the other things, I cannot think of anything for now, got AS3, found a shop (RC modeller center) that has large dia Si tubing but no Y splitters...

So the Y pieces are my only need.

Thanks a LOT for help and good will!!!!!!

Pls, PM me with address and total sum for Y's and postage so I can send you cash...

Oh, and customs, yup, they won't charge anything as long as goods sent are less than 40 Euro total, everything over that will be charged, doesn't matter are they sent by a shop or a person...And one catch too, that 40 Euro total is for various goods, meaning I can buy for example one AS3 and one UV dye for total 25 $ and that is ok, but if I buy four AS3, I'm pushing my luck...

Those Y's will be ok, don't worry. Man you're doing me a GREAT favour!

Thank you!
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