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Default Comments on a new system.

Argh - image was too big the first time, so I have to type this all again....

It's an Athlon 1333, not yet OC'd since I need to reformat this weekend. Via-Aqua 1300 pump, BlackIce original for a rad, Maze 2.1. 3/8" ID thin-wall Tygon. Coolant is distilled water + water-wetter, mixed for about 3% water-wetter.

Maybe later if I get bored I'll go through the long discussion about it again, but right now I'm pissed at losing the post..., here's a couple pics. I can take more if someone wants a close-up of something. And yes I know it looks kinda rough - it's functional now and I'm still in the process of cleaning it up.

Edit: Should have mentioned in there that all the fittings except the rad are 1/2" OD and so don't need clamps with the 3/8" ID tubing. Damn tight fit getting that stuff on, but once it's on there it works good.
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