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I hope Puzzdre doesn't mind me hijacking his thread...

The results are satisfactional, at 25 C room temp, idle 35, full load 39 C. After changing the inlet barb to 10 mm ID, I got 35 idle, with 12 mm ID inlet idle was 36 according to MBM (if this is accurate at all). The pump is working quieter and smoother, this #Rotor's design really flows. I would say very low restrictive block. Seems the temps are little high due bp thickness of 5 - 6 mm (cannot say accurately cos of drill press being a cheap one, not so accurate on depth). Measuring the depth of the holes with vernier, seems like I got 4 mm hole plus drill point pit. It's little too thick.

Thanx Brad!
I really cannot say how long it took me to buil it, cos' I didn't have all the tools needed, went short on dremelling discs, short on tapping experience etc...It's all here in this thread (it started with a two pumps question, but evolved into blocks making):

I can assume that whole block can be made in three afternoons or less with no hurry. I'm making another one, and with experience in this first one, it goes much faster. I'll post the results here as it advance. This is what I've done for now, in about 2 and a half hours of work:

Punched the starting holes, cutted the top half to size (bottom half was pre-cut), drilled mounting holes, drilled and tapped tightening bolts holes, all sanded on the sides to fit nicely.

PS, thx for the idea on pelt mount!!! Are the 4 bolts enough for the 5 mm coldplate? If not, I should do some rearranging in drilling the holes...
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