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Originally Posted by killernoodle
Hey, there was a post on the previous page mentioning that the flow would be concentrated (somewhat) in the center. Wouldnt this be desireable? I mean, with the heat in the cold plate would be concentrated in the center over the core because that is the shortest distance of copper from the core. So, the peltier would be producing the most heat there because (I assume of course) the temperature over different the area of the peltier is subject to the intensity and position of the heat load and the nature of the cooling device on top of it.

What I'm trying to say is: wouldn't it be better to concentrate the water to the center of the block because that is where the most heat is being produced?
This seems to make sense, though I don't yet know enough about peltiers to be sure.


If this were the case, then I would imagine a block where you connected the holes to form a spiral with a number of parallel channels. This way, you could have a central inlet with an outlet towards the edge.

Seems a bit like a step backwards in waterblock design, but it may yet be the best optimisation of your design principle.

For those who believe that water needs to travel slowly through the radiator for optimum performance, read the following thread.

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