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Originally Posted by killernoodle
Well, lemme explain this in a simpler manner. Remove the cold plate and put the tec right on the core. Wouldnt the center of the TEC recieve the most heat and therefore output this heat right to the other side? (as I understand it, thermocouples are vertically placed pins of dissimilar metals that move electrons vertically and therefore transfer heat directly vertical to the other side) With this reasoning and the knowlege that the heat from a CPU will radiate ******d concentrically (hard to word) through the heatspreader or cold plate, wouldnt the heat from the core concentrate the shortest distance to the other side of the cold plate and therefore directly through the peltier and to the center of the waterblock?

It is tough to get my point across using this damn english.

EDIT: conversely, cooling the center of the TEC more would yield a cooler core temp... (even if slightly) correct?
EDIT2: would this be an appropriate application of the radius?
I Understand what your saying. I am just not certain it would make a substantial difference. Not even sure how to test that.
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