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A 172W tec cannot put out 200W of heat, but a TEC and a CPU can put out more than 200. This next section is mostly deep thought, so if my physics are terribly wrong please correct me: This makes sense because a TEC's heat is concentrated in the center. The middle of the TEC is surrounded on all sides by thermocouples producing heat. on the edge of the TEC, the heat of nearby thermocouples is only on one side. The closer to the center of the TEC, the more the thermocouples surround the point. I mean, you wouldnt want the TEC offset from the center of the core for this reason (only a certain amount of the cooling potential would reach the core). You cannot dismiss the 80W a CPU puts out if it is concentrated on a small area.

This is too hard to word. Lemme draw some pictures.
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