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Originally Posted by kusojiji
You need to ensure that that 350watt ps has enough juice on the 3.3 and 5 vdc rails for your new board. Did you run it before adding the water system?
Kusojiji - Why th 3.3 and 5 vdc rails ? I thought the pump was 12v ?

Ah, this is where we touch on "Do I REALLY NEED a 550W PSU ?".

The PC was working, running fine. All I am doing is adding Water Cooling. Obviusly the MCP600 will be drawing further Watts from the PSU. Question is will it be trying to consume more than I have ? Let me rephrase that, how can a person who builds PCs (or even adds an upgrade) work out how many Watts they are using ?

I could list all my components here but alot of people would probably say "Woh, loads of stuff you nead at least an 800W" (exaggerating).

I guess with alot of hunting I could find the power demands of each item ...
Is there a "Gerenal rule of thumb" ?

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