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Originally Posted by Halo_Master
THe copper prototypes should be ready by now.
Cathar, any new info?
I have a fairly casual relationship with my machinists, in that I'm not a large high-paying industrial customer. As such, all the jobs that I want done get shoved to the side the moment something more important comes along, which is the exact reason why the recent Cascade SS batch has only just started going out the door (half of the batch gone by today - rest by end of this week) despite me wanting to have it gone in January.

So the CNC machine is set up and has been since Friday, the pieces are in the vice, just as I physically witnessed, and then they had to attend to a customer on Friday. Monday was a public holiday, and yesterday they had another customer issue.

Hopefully today they'll consider pushing the green button.... Not for lack of me ringing up in excitement though.
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