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Have they mentioned pressing tubing of one type or another into an intermediate plate, possibly polycarbonate. I imagine it would be quite expensive to do on a piecemeal basis but if production is at all in the future a jig could easily be made. I think brass tubing would stand up to being press fit into polycarbonate if it was internally suported by the jig used to press it into place, and the interference of the fit was not too extreme. Another option with press fitting is to cool the part to be inserted and heat the part that recieves it, contacting one and expanding the other resulting in an intrerference fit once the parts have reached equilibrium. While this aproach adds to assembly costs it will reduce machining time as the intermediate plate would only require chamfered holes to accept the nozzles. The nozzles, if a stock size tubing is available to meet your needs, would only have to be cut to length and possbly chamfered to reduce tip turbulence. Just a thought.

EDIT: if stock brass tubing of the proper size is not avalable another option would be to use brass round stock to be drilled after assembly. And if the space between the holes accepting the jets is too small for poly and cracing results brass could also be used for the intemediate plate and the the tubes either sweat or pressed into place.


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