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Capillary tubing for refrigeration would probably be too large, it is only available down to 0.66mm ID...even if the ID was ok the OD would probably be a problem 0.66 mm would have an OD of 1.83mm. You could also try capillary tubing for medical use, that is available in plastic, silica or glass down to very small sizes with incredibly thin walls. Either could be held in place in the intermediate plate with adhesive or perhaps a thermal interference fit. jets....kind of exotic, I think the silica stuff has thinner wall though and would be less prone to breakage, it is somewhat flexible I dunno if that would be a hassle with close tolerences .

Some info :

Wide ranges of sizes with internal diameters less than 1 micron up to several millimeters and outer diameters down to 60 microns and up to several millimeters.
Unique internal and external geometries
Excellent chemical durability and inertness
Silica and quartz that are stronger than steel
Materials that are easy to cleave or cut
Tight yet economical tolerances

Link here

Pricing doesn't look bad either $15 US per meter $100 minimum

EDIT: Hmm.....proly enough left over to make a few extra blocks....wink...nod

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