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Originally Posted by Lothar5150
Your still 160mm x 160mm yes

Hmmm, Lothar, it would seem that you're not quite following the whole line of reasoning on this. It's all laid out in this thread if you want to take the time to read it.

Radiator performance is only partially linked to frontal surface area. The PA160.1 was designed for a singular purpose, but somewhat beyond expectations when using with a single fan will outperform radiators with 20% larger facial area than it, with ~3x the metal-air surface area, by 10-15%.

Now if you're scoffing at a 30-35% improvement in per-facial area performance as being of minor significance then I don't know what to say.

What this thread is about, or rather what it has become, is specifically how to maximise radiator performance across the range of axial fans that water-coolers use, regardless of the form factor, rather than blindly assuming that high-noise high-pressure radial blower driven heater-cores as exist in cars will translate well to the comparitively low-noise and weaker pressure axial fans.

The PA160.1 was just the first. The PA160.1 just fills a very particular niche within a certain form factor and fan-power definition, although fan-power wise it works out well across a very broad set of axial fan powers. Still lots to do for other form factors.

If you really want to understand it deeper, then read the thread, and while doing so, let go of your fixation on facial surface area equating to performance.
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