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Default Re: No competition, why only HWlabs?

Originally Posted by lloydrmc
Well, for my part, I've gone through the entire thread, and I've found it to be extraordinarily educational - to the extent that I registered just on Pro/Forums specifically to participate in this thread.

My story is that I'm essentially fed up with trying to keep my relatively modest rig cool with air (without driving myself bats with the noise), I want to move to water cooling, and I'm unimpressed by most kits that I see, especially on a price/performance ratio basis.

I may well still go essentially the opposite direction (really big and external, instead of incredibly efficient and internal), except I absolutely insist on quiet fan(s) - no matter what some might mislabel such insistence.

One fan I would like to see tested is the ThermalTake A2330 (e.g. ), which is rated at 54cfm at 16dba

While I suspect it is too weak to meet even the relatively modest head imposed by the 160.1, I'm also sure I don't have anything like enough experience with such things to offer anything like a qualified opinion. What's neat about the fan is it's actually 130mm, but is designed to mount in place of a 120mm unit. Since it has a 3 pin connection, I can control it with the fan EQ on my mobo, linked to the temperature of other parts of the system.
Note the last post before yours was made in 2005.

Try if you have not already. Pretty much the site for quiet cooling.
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