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Default Nerf Guns - Another Hobby Involving Modification

So I haven't really been doing anything computer related since I got into this hobby because it's so much cheaper, sillier, and gets me out of the house on random weekends throughout the year.

There's a growing internet community centered around the modification of Nerf guns as well as the promotion of using said creations in "Nerf Wars" which happen several times a year all over the east coast, west coast, and several other states inbetween.
All of the tools I originally purchased for computer related projects are finding new use modifying store-bought guns, or making my own from scratch.

So what Nerf weapons did you have when you were younger? Do you still have them? Do you think you could figure out how they work and get them to shoot farther or be useful in a Nerf War?
Here are a few resources to help you find out.

NerfWiki List covering most the of the blasters ever produced in alphabetical order by name

NerfHaven Forum
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