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Originally Posted by jaydee View Post
Best bang for the buck mainly. A quad core is only like $40 less. Just aswell get the 6 and not have to upgrade for another few years. I play a lot of online games. I can run 3 different games at the sametime pretty smooth with this setup and stream netflix and browse the web at the sametime. Money isn't a big deal either. I made enough in overtime last week to pay for the whole thing.
That's nice. I've been saving my dough... I could upgrade from my cheap lil C2D /w 2 GB RAM but don't see a huge need. 4 gigs and an intel quad would be nice, but then again my motherboard is a little flaky. I think I'm going to wait till I see a used OEM box come my way for cheap and buy that. Seeing a lot of RAM in em these days...
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