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Default Updated System

There are two things I do alot. Work and use my pc. When I am not doing either I'm either sleeping or out droping hella cash off at the nearest retailer that has the most up to date components for my rig.
Yes I love my pc. Sometimes frustrating but most of the time nothing but fun.
Here's my complete spec's.

CPU: Athlon 64 3200+.
CPU Temperatures: IDLE 26°C / 78°F - LOAD 33°C / 91°F.
Motherboard: Asus K8V Deluxe.
Graphics Card: Leadtek GeForce FX 5900 Ultra 128 VIVO, running @ 935 mem / 485 core.
Mobo temperatures: Ambiant is 25°C / 77°F
Fans: 4 80x80x25 Thermaltake, & 1 Blue light Thermaltake 80x80x25mm Fan.
Hard drives: 2 Serial ATA 120gb Maxtor DiamondMax 9 7200rpm on Raid 0.
CD+RW: Yamaha F1 44x24x44 CD/RW.
Memory: Matched 512's OCZ PC3200 DDR400
Memory Removed: Corsair TwinX 1025 PC 4000 DDR500 - I had to remove the Corsair on this mobo because It was causing data corruption. Waist of $600.00
Sound Card: Sound blasters Audigy's.
Sound: Altec Lancing 5.1 surround Sound System.
Monitor: 18" NEC Multisync LCD flatscreen.
Case: Thermaltake Xaser 3 Aluminum, Silver and red with window
Keyboard: Logitech Cordless Elite.
Mouse: Logitech Cordless Bluetooth MX900 .
Printer: HP LazerJet 1100.
Scanner: HP ScanJet 4470.
Mouse Pad: Coolermaster 10th Aniv. Aluminum game pad.
Heatsink Compuond: OCZ Ceramique on every heatsink.
modem: 24 switchport router with 2 400FX fiber ports.
Drive Bay: CoolerMaster Mouseketeer.
Radiator: Swiftech MCR80-F Rad
: Swiftech 676 Rad
Rad Fans: (2) 80x80x15mm fans.
: (4) Vantec Stealth silent 120x120mm fans.
CPU Heatsink: Zalman AMD64bit Waterblock.
Graphics: Innovatec's FX Videocard cooler
Northbridge: Swiftech MCW20 Water Block
Pumps: Swiftech MCP600 and MCP300 Water Pumps
Reservoir: Acryllic

Power Supply: 470w Vantek Stealth, Black

  • CPU Voltage: 1.486
  • +5V: 4.892V
  • +12v: 11.939V
  • +3.3: 3.312V
Personal Mods: I Have Constructed a 2” inside diamater tube to run from the front of my AC in the summer or outside in the winter, Arround the room and into a server case where I have mounted the radiators. The cold air is then pushed through the rads to achieve cooler water.
  • GlExcess: 1024x768 32 bit [15563 - XSMARKS See here
  • MEMORY BANDWIDTH: 3195/3193
  • CPU ARITHMETIC: Dhrystone: 8712
    Whetstone: 3314/4329
  • CPU MULTIMEDIA: Integer: 15659
    Floating point:20676
  • read speed max: 170.2mb/s
  • minimum: 19.9mb/s
  • average: 91.4mb/s

Asus K8V Deluxe, Leadtek FX 5950 , Athlon 64 3200, OCZ PC3200 DDR400, Yamaha F1 cdrw, 3 SERIAL ATA 120 gig Maxtor HD's on 2 on Raid 0, Zalman CPU Waterblock, Innovatek GPU waterblock, Swiftech southbridge waterblock, 2 pumps, 2 rads all placed in a Cool air case, Altec Lancing 5.1 Surround, Thermaltake Xaser III Case, Stealth 470w Power supply, 17"NEC Lcd
My Rig

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