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An idea, cheap molex pin extractor: :idea:
I'll take a pair of cheapo flat-tip tweezers (~1.5cm of metal sits flush when they are squeezed) and grind them down small enough to fit inside the connector... That should get the pins out.


Applied the bondo, then ripped up the tape so it wouldn't go into the mesh too far. I only did one side as this was a test of me working with real bondo... My bondo cherry is now popped :lol:

After I sanded everything down and did a bit of edge feathering.

It came out pretty smooth! woot!

quicky thru on some high build primer to see how things were doing... it'll be sanded off again before I do the other sides. ME = Impatient.

Looking good.. :hip:

But the devil is in the details: didn't come out too bad, but my feathering left a little to be desired (red arrows pointing to the transition). Far from perfect, but not bad.

Almost perfect! The side is nice and flat, and after the 2nd coat of high-build primer any of the defects in the surface should vanish. Ignore the bondo specs in the bottom of the picture, they're going to be ground off once I sand down one of my minor repairs... the bondo is so thin and not very wide sitting on top of the mesh, so in the process of filing out the holes (with the file chucked in my drill this time) I cracked/flaked it off in a few places.

Wide shot, I paint with a broad brush when it comes to bondo. The stuff you see unsanded are repairs of the above mentioned mishaps.

I haven't been in the shop much to do the the mesh-backlight mod that I wanted to do because the single 40W lightbulb (upper right hand corner of the pic) had its fixture malfunction. Normally, being the EE that I am I'd replace the fixture (bad contacts).. But since I am under a lease in an apartment building I didn't do it. I could have had the landlord fix it (who is an old-skool EE), but I've got wires running places where they shouldn't (eg: satellite down from the top floor, ethernet in the walls). Lease says don't do some of that stuff, so even though its just the basement and the actual places where the stuff was done haven't changed in appearence, I didn't want to catch hell from him. So I hit walmart tonite and picked up 2x shop light fixtures for ~$7 each, and 4x 48" 40W cool white bulbs. They were a cinch to put up, came with chains and screw-eyes, and were already corded w\ a 3 prong plug. If you need more light in your shop you can get it VERY easily with these. The bill, for both, was about $23. :clap:

Sorry the bondo is taking so long, but perfection isn't immediate!

Feed back please! :thumb:
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