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well it uses 4 T.E.C thremo electric coolers . they work by transfefring heat from one side to the other which means you can run below 0c with enough power. i went for 4 under powered TEC's to gain electrical efficiency ( other wise TEC use billings of watts ) and of cause more TEC should also mean lower temp with the use of more watts, it runs on 2 black ice extreme radiators and a 20cm X 22.5cm active heat sink ( which is also cooling the water ) . interestingly enough if i put one water block directly onto the CPU ( not using the TEC's ) my pc can run with NO fans running while playing quake 3.

in the post i replied to JFettig you can see the PSU's i used in the top 2 bays. if your wondering what all the led is for ( theres more you can't see ) other than make my pc more than 35 kg's it's because with all these high-ish watts running though my pc i was getting induced current, meaning all the voltages weren't stable, however the biggest reason for it was the flicker it put on the screen ( though induced current ) which meant i couldn't play my favourite games any more, cause it made me sick in about 20 minutes. so in went the led and now it's all sweet ass.
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