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Default Re: Quad TEC Water Block

Ok here’s an update 3 years later …
Os lets recap on the system the pc was a p4 2.53 OC and a Nvidia 4200 OC

The cooling system was two black ice extreme radiators which are 12x 4.5cm, with fans running at 7 volts. It also had 3 times 20cm x 7.5cm x 5.5cm heatsinks ( ) from a previous system with VGA water blocks stuck to the bottom of them and one 12cm fan blowing on them as they were lined up next to each other. They were mounted to the top of the system. It had another VGA block on the GPU The water blocks are made by Silverpro. The pump was a Eheim 1046.

The TEC block had quad 80watt TEC’s with two Silverpro CPU coolers

As for temps @ idle it would cool it below 0 however if left for some time the water would heat up and the temps would increase. @ full load the problems were the same which made the hole system not worth the minimal decrease in temps in comparison to the draw backs of using heaps of electricity and significantly heating the room.

After completing the system there some improvement which could have been made to improve the system
1) The hot side is far to thick for having 2 coolers on it .
2) more radiators would always help
3) I should have used nylon screws between the hot and cold side and for mounting the hole thing to the cpu ( however this would have cost a bomb to import the screws from another country since I couldn’t find them in NZ )

Not surprisingly enough increasing the voltage over 12 ( 16.1 max ) didn’t decrease the CPU temps
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