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Default Re: Guardian Snap vs ReadyNAS perfomance?

Originally Posted by darcy View Post
What processor/ram/ethernet combination does the ReadyNAS NV+ have?

Does the ReadyNAS NV+ work with Active Directory?

What Disk Config's does it get supplied with and how does it and how far does it expand?

Does it have Dual Power Supplies or is that optional?

What service options are available for the ReadyNAS NV+?
Not the most knowledgeble on them but let me give it a try . . .

Processor sounds like a custom part with built in RAID capabilities.
Ram is Non-ECC PC2700 - user upgradeable to 1GB, maybe more?
OS is stored on a flash card installed in the unit, not sure if it can be upgraded.
Single Gigabit ethernet connection - other models have dual-gig.
Don't know about AD.
NV+ can handle upto four SATA drives -
Can purchase empty or prepopulated with two or four drives.
Drive sizes can be 250, 500, 750, 1TB - run at 1.5Gb speed though.
RAID 0, 1, 5, Hot-Spare, X-RAID (their expandable RAID - can add drives on the fly, does take time though) .
Can even handle different drive sizes - but not sure how this gets done.
Larger units can have more drives and redundant power supplies but not NV+ model.
Not sure about sevice options now that Infrant is owned by Netgear.

Ran similar test as done with 1000, 1100, 2000, 2200 (listed elsewhere)
using ViceVersaPro and Knoppix OS image
on NV+ unit with dual 500GB in RAID 1 with only 256MB RAM installed.
For 4GB file average Write speed was ~7.6MB/sec, Read was ~9.7MB/sec.
Not sure how this compares to something like a 210 or 410.
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