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Default Re: Guardian Snap vs ReadyNAS perfomance?

As an addendum . . .

The NV+ appears to have just short of twice the performance
of my comprably configured 2200 (but probably something less than a 210?).
My primary use here is for weekly back-ups that end up getting stored off-site.
The 2200, NV+ (with 2x500GB ~$900), and 210 (would be about $1500?)
are roughly the same size and can easily be carried from place to place.
NV+ does have built in power though, so you don't have to carry the brick to power up the unit elsewhere.

I am sure there are larger models from several manufacturers
that have better performance and would certainly be better 'live' file servers,
and external USB drives would be much more economical than anything,
I'm just investigating the possibilities.
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