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Default Re: Guardian Snap vs ReadyNAS perfomance?

Originally Posted by blue68f100 View Post
If your storage requirements is that small, why not use a hotswap bay with 1T drives. Then make duplicates set 3-5 times a week. With the speeds of work stations on a gige backbone you should get any where from 30-80MB/sec depending on setup. Where the best you will get out of the NV+ on a raid5 is 13MB/sec. They make special carry cases if your worried about damage during transport.
I kinda liked the idea that even the backup images were on a RAID system.
But I suppose if a person cycled through a couple hot-swap drives
you would have multiple images in different locations
that would serve essentially the same purpose.
And it wouldn't be likely that multiple drives would fail.
Interesting idea.

Do you know of somebody who makes a quality hot-swap drive bay?
I had dealt with some in the past (for swapping OSs in a machine)
but they were mostly plastic and I somehow managed to kill a drive using them.

Thansk for the info, JELo
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