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Default Re: Snap 4500 - end of the line

Hi Villa,

It would be great to speak with you early next week about your problems, I will PM you my number, I am in Sydney.

I believe that there has been a bit of miss communication that's all.

Originally Posted by villa411 View Post
I got approval from the boss to buy support from overland - which then gets you the latest OS included apparently, but i have just found out today from the reseller in Sydney (i'm in AUS) that the 4500's are no longer supported - so no dice.
This is simply not true.
There is a 1 Yr service product for Snap4500's to give you both access to the latest OS and Phone Support for the Guardian OS, the 4500 was EOL'ed Yonks ago...

With the right help from a Snap Server Technician I am sure that your problems can be solved, at the very worst a re-install will give you a fresh start on your 4500's.

A - YES the Snap4500 was EOL'ed a very long time ago (approx 3-4 yrs ago)
B - There is still a service product for a Snap4500
C - Like wise for the 14000, 15000, 4400 4200 18000 etc etc
D - The Guardian OS is still supported no matter what product it is on as long as you can generate the $$$ for the support contract...

Originally Posted by villa411 View Post
Hello All,
As i seem to be out of options - a format and Win2k3 seems the only option left.
Please Don't do it! - I feel ill whenever anyone writes that they plan to put on W2k onto a snap...

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