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Default Re: Guardian Snap vs ReadyNAS perfomance?

Originally Posted by hyperjason View Post
To answer the question as to if the Ready NAS NV+ or NV work with Windows Active Directory, the answer is yes.
I am very happy to learn that the ReadyNAS supports Active Directory and I understand that the OS is feature-rich so as a total product I would agree that it is a very good entry level NAS.

I am no expert on Active Directory but Like the Iomega, yes AD may be supported but at what limitation? the Iomega for instance will only cope with Approx 40 Active Directory participants, but on some AD networks the Iomega just will not work... it coes down to testing & development.

Active Directory is an evolving beast and although supported by GOS as it changes we are starting to see some older GOS systems having issues in how it "handles" users... the latest GOS releases correct the issue but if AD is evolving, will the developers at Iomega, ReadyNAS(netgear) and all of the other cheap-ass NAS makers keep up?

I have had this happen recently at work... so before anyone tells me Active Directory is not evolving first go take a look at it.... does it have version numbers?
If yes it is evolving...

-These Specs may not be 100% accurate, but use as a guide only-

The whole starting point of the thread;

- 300Ghz Cel, 128MB Ram, 10/100 Ethernet, 5-7 yr old technology?
- 500Ghz CPU, 256MB Ram, 10/100/1000 Ethernet 1-2 yr old technology?

Comparing a Snap2200 to a new ReadyNAS is a completely "spare" effort in my opinion.

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