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Default Bleed'n the air outta those lines!

For those of you that dont like having a water tank and are into a closed loop system, bleeding the lines is a very good thing.

The bleeded system I made for project DH DOES WORK!. I tested it a few nights ago by allowing a bti of air to get into the system and then seeing with a flashlight through the coolant lines how long it would take till the bubbles would dissapear and get bleed off. Well it only took 1 day! See the momentum of the water will only throw a small bit of air ever revolution into the air trap. So it takes countless cycles till its gone, but it does work!

This ai a great solution cause it doesnt require anything more then a T connector, and a end cap and a 10" peice of tubing.

I am working on a few more cooling setup designs and will post them here to get debunked before I go and actually try them.

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