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Originally Posted by RaptorRaider
Can't you guess what they mean?

They mean sets like Thermaltake's Bigwater and Coolermaster's AQUAGATE R120 because they're cheap, popular, and crap.
I wouldn't be surprised if sets like those were indeed outperformed by Zalman's new aircooler.
Have you rerad any reviews on water cooling setups such as the thermaltake Aquarius3 or the rocket or any one of the zalman water cooling sytems?

All the reviews say that these water cooling solutions shoul;d not be used for hard core over clocking.. albeit they are marginally better or for that matter they turen in the same benchmarks as other air collers!!

Yes they are crap for serious over clocking!

I wouls tend to believe Zalman if they say it out performs most water cooling systems!
I would tend to believe that they werew referning to these other water cooling sytems---Thermaltake's Bigwater and Coolermaster's AQUAGATE R120 ,,,as well as others!!

No need to get your feathers in a bunch!!
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