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Originally Posted by pHaestus
ah I see. I meant much the same but cutting small pieces of copper pipe and soldering them inside the elbows.

Not possible to just ditch the elbows altogether and use some of that Swiftech stuff to stop hose kinks?
If you look carefully i have about 2" above the block to make teh bend of hose...
i thin if i try to use the Swiftech stuff ti avoid hose kinking it will put a major pull on teh blocks posibly pulling the block off the cpu or north bridge...
it just takes time...
something i don't have much time of.. live in an apartment and can only do any case work when the little one is asleep(18 months) otherwise he gets into everything.
so... I'm patient...

in the mean time i'm working on watercooling my server...
have all the parts...
WW, MCP6000, Criticool 6"waterplant(resevoir) and 2-148 heatercore...

I already have the case Modded.. pictures here
replacing all the 120mm fans with evercool case fans.. and have another MX212 comming in shortly.
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