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Default Re: Silverstone LC17 HTPC Case review Discussion

Got the same case and must note some additions to the review.
The case is really quiet, if you put two 92 fans in the drive bays those will not add much to the noise. They also greatly improve pushing out the heat through the PSU and rear openings. One might think, that the PSU intake is misplaced, but since the main heat on the board is generated by the CPU and those two 80s fans take already care of that area it really is a nice way to keep the PSU cool and last longer.

Space in the case can really become an issue.
I use it as a games rig, got a 6800 in it and was really worried that it will not fit. Full length card can give you some issues with the cables and you will not be able to install HDDs in the cage before it if a fan is installed.
Installation of the mainboard means you have to disassemble the case almost completely, a full size ATX does not fit if the upper support bracket is still in place.
The 5,25 and 3,5 inch bays can make any changes to memory configurations quite difficult. Had some major issues reinstalling the cage again with my Asrock MB.
The 3,5 bay beeing occupied may be no issue if you are transferring an existing system, but with so many boards around needing drivers on disks or not beeing able to flash the BIOS from Windows getting the system to go is quite troublesome.

It is a great case and I only bought it because of the look of it and the placement of the PSU. Adding a 8 inch TFT and making a LC18 out of it should be no problem also (and save you around 300$).
Still, if someone wants a media client he should really consider an absolutely fanless setup and could also save a lot of space by using a smaller case, from the possibilities this case is great, but not really perfect (a lot of screws to handle even if you change just a HDD and troublesome to access).
For a small desktop size games rig it is great, airflow is good, temperatures are below average as long as all fans are used (52 C on Leadtek 6800 with standard fan, passive onboard VIA KT880Pro stays at around 40 C, 805D with Arctic-Cooling Freezer 7 Pro at around 45 C)
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