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Thoughts on 6 pairs of peltiers water chiller

I have been thinking of building a water chiller, using 3 Koolance HHD water blocks, HD-60, sandwich two layers of six peltiers per layer, total 12 peltiers, connect in series of two peltiers, see rough patchwork below.
12 TEC cooler.jpg

I have a Meanwell PSU, 15V 40A (600W), which I plan to use on this setup.

The idea is: 136W peltiers - each pair of peltiers connect in series will use half power of one peltier, which is 68W. 6 pairs use total of 408W, fall within 68% of the Meanwell's 600W. See rough drawing here... HD-60s chiller.jpg

Power will be continously on, as long as the PC is on, to chill coolant, preferably with a reservoir. The coolant then will be pumped to CPU and GPU through 2 quick disconnection fittings. The coolant tubing can either go to CPU then GPU or split T-junction, to distribute coolant simultanously to CPU and GPU. Chipset, NB and SB could share in the cold flow.

I am also interest in using Danger Den's External 3X360 Box to house my project, with two 360 radiators to pump out heat from the peltiers.

Does anyone had other suggestions on this mad idea?

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