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Default CPU Temperature Sensing

I have an NF7-S MB on which the temperature sensor does not work. My case has two LED temperature readouts on the front attached to two temp probes.

I spliced a new probe end on the one which is made to be treaded between the CPU chip and the socket and taped it to the back of the CPU. The second lead is stuffed down between the heatsink and the CPU nearly touching the die.

At idle, with a room temp of 20c, the probe on the CPU reads about 72c and the heatsink probe reads about 28c. Under load, Prime 95, they read 78c and 31c respectively.

I have read on the AMD site proceedures for calculating an estimated die temp by taking readings from the back of the CPU and readings of ambiant air at the intake of the CPU fan. However, the paper stated that the given equasion only applied to CPUs with a ceramic package. I believe mine is not ceramic. (Athlon XP-M 2600+)

My question does anyone, on this board, have any experience measuring temps in a similar fashion? If so, any guidance or input would be appreciated.

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