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Default Re: CPU Temperature Sensing

Originally Posted by Astrolite
Thanks for the reply jaydee. I did not check the probes side by side, good idea. I know 70C+ seems really hot but the probe is strapped to the back of the CPU! I've never measured temp that way before, so is it hot?!?

The second probe is not interfering with the heatsink, I stuffed it down there after mounting the heatsink and it is close to the die. The computer is stable, Prime 95 for 8.5 hrs, memtest no problem. Runs all the benchmarks to completion and has no problems in any of the games I have.

I'd like to overclock it a little bit more but just not sure where I'm at with the temperature, for real. That's why I wondered if anyone on here had actually measured temperature from the back of their CPU, something to guide me.

I'm using an XP-M processor and AMD says 100C max operating temperature, I guess I somewhere under that.
That CPU should be running pretty cool. Even with a stock cooler it should be under 50C. My guess is the probe is not in spec with the thermometer. If you wired up a probe on the meter without verifying the specs then it will not read correct.

You will have to to verify the probes are reading somewhat accurately by using the methods me and Inco suggested. You will want to try and record temps over cool down period so you know the probes a liner. Meaning they change temp the same as each other.

I had a set once both read the same at 25C but as it got warmer one would go to 50C and the other 35C.

I would bet you are not running 70C if everything is stable and working fine.
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