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Originally Posted by HAL-9000
I have been fortunate in the extreme that I do not have this build-up problem that haunts so many. I use water that was not even bought, but generated through electrolysis at the UC-SD, its a long story how I wound up with it, but I have treated my two gallon supply as if it was as expensive as deuterated water. What is not used now, (about 1/2 a gallon) sits in a sealed Pyrex container as a piece of ice in my freezer for storage. Maybe that has helped.

But unregistered's post about 168 proc server setups got me thinking about UV as fire-up and forget solution. UV kills the micro critters, and is used in the food industry a lot to sanitize things. If a UV exposure contraption could be introduced in the loop, it would kill virtually all the micro-organisms that create these problems as the water flowed through it. UV doesn't travel very far through water though, so in the UV sanitizer it would have to be misted, or something like that so the UV could get at it. Wouldn't be practical obviously in a DIY home rig, but would probably be just a parisitic cost in a 168 proc cooler system (thats no longer a "rig"...thats a "system!"). Just an idea.
Well UV lamps for aquariums are really expensive, you need to change the quartz tube and the light bulb (or tube) every year or two and they do add heat, so I wouldn't take them as a solution.
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