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Default Re: Biggest Copper Heatsink?

bolkour is correct, there is no way a fan (92mm?) blowing air through a small rad (was it even shrouded?) like that with enough air speed to think about cooling 80w of CPU heat + 200?w from the TECs, is going to be even wildly close to 15db. The rad alone will produce heaps of air turbulance & cause all sorts of loud air whoosh. Then there's the pump. I wish I could buy a pump that only gave off 15db without submerging it first.

15db is VERY soft, most quiet rooms have more background noise than this.

I am very impressed by the TEC control module however. I'd like to see high power software controlled versions of these available (like mCubed's T-balancer, only with the ability to handle the power load of serious TECs).
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