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Default Re: watercooling lost its magic

I do vid editing and DVD creation and encoding for side gigs and such... and Yeh I see what Cathar means... I went from a 2x 3200+ machine to a single 3200+ and it nearly doubled the encode times. That sucked but I could handle it. Now I have a 4600+ X2 machine and it encodes like its in a hurry

But it wasnt NEEDED, it was just nice to have. Not like I kick off encode work when I need it to get done in a few minutes hehe.

But there is no single unified killerapp as Cathar has pointed out. Back in the P3 days, early athlon, processor speed improvements yeilded drastic performance increases even just in windows doing stuff. Going from a single 3200+ to a 4600+ yielded me minimal at best UI performance changes, only changes I see are in brute force applications such as games, and video work. Because not everyone games, not everyone does video work... whats the need?
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