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Default Re: watercooling lost its magic

Originally Posted by Azazel
I just made an attempt in an LC17 from silverstone. Unfortunately, the pump was just too loud (DDC 18v version), even when enclosed in a metal box filled with foam and undervolted. A lot of compromises end up getting made, but it can be done. I just wasn't willing to put up with the noise.

For reference, it was a TDX, MAZE 4 GPU, Black Ice Pro II and DDC, all with tygon 3/8in. I'm pissed off that it failed, as now I've got all this WC gear and nothing to do with it.
I think a pumpless/fanless system would be worth it for an htpc, but otherwise you may as well stick with fans... course, it would have to be extremely well designed, and when you get to that point, massive custom heatsinks would probably work better.

I was going to watercool my htpc, then i realised that theres no damn way i was going to get it quieter than with air, so why bother wasting time and money, and having to maintain it more, and worry about it more than air?
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