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Default Re: Anyone have a Snap 520? Upgraded it?


Great information, but can you go in to details and explain the procedure for this upgrade for others to flow?


Originally Posted by schnappi View Post
Storage Overland say: Only a drive-change to the same sice...

My Snap Server 520 was sold as a 1TB machine.

Now it is a 4TB machine. The trick is to change to big drives during a fresh OS install. So I've got automaticly new CMOS contens.

Btw. I tried to use 2 TB drives but that doesn't work.
This drive did not work in a 110, 410, 510 and 520.

The problem seem to be: to much cylinders on drives bigger than 1000Gig.
The guardian OS can manage 64Tb but the BIOS can only manage delimited cylinders.
I can boot with a 2TB drive (WD) but the system only took 900 GB for raid0. And no more other raids.
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